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Figured I'd do an introductory post at least, my namy is Amy and I live in Toronto and I like to cross-stitch, hrm. That is a boring introduction. Ah well, It's all I got. My room mate's stepped out for lunch and normally i have to use my creativity coming up with scripts and lines for her. So, I really just wanted to start this community in hopes of getting people together in Toronto for cross-stitch, regardless of age, sex, gender identity, so on and so forth. Cross-stitch is cross-stitch and to be enjoyed by everyone.

As for a potential meeting place, if we get members, Im leaning strongly on the possibility of a cafe or some place with a sitting area we could grab up and enjoy a drink a snack and a whole buncha cross-stitching. Let's hear some YAAAY!

Also, drug your friends and bring them too! It'll be fun for the whole family!
Tags: cross stitch, cross-stitch, toronto, xstitch
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