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Victoria Sampler trunkshow at The Enchanted Needle

For the next couple of weeks.

All of the Victoria Sampler patterns and accessories paks are on sale for 15% off.

The pieces on display included the Heirloom Christmas Sampler in the rose and green colourways, the Heirloom Anniversary Sampler, the Christmas Gazebo Sampler, the Lavender Hearts sampler, the Sweet Pea Gazebo Sampler, several of the Birthday Bellpulls, the Winter Garden Sampler, the Heirloom Family Sampler, the Good Friends Sampler, the Jingle Bells Christmas Tree Farm Sampler, the Christmas Cardinal Sampler finished as a bellpull, the letters R and T finished as bellpulls, ditto for the Gingerbread Garden Sampler and the Victorian Rose Sampler. There are also two binders filled with finished samples of Thea's smaller projects, including an assortment of the Hearts and Beyond Cross-Stitch designs. Plus a wee Christmas tree with samples of some of Thea's ornament designs.

The trunkshow arrived before the order of patterns did! Just let Christiana or Julia know what you want and they will set it aside when the order gets to the store.

I succumbed to the siren call of S.E.X., I admit! *snerk*

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