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I have tried two things for fuller stitches which have worked really well, though one of these things is apparently a bit much for 18ct, that being that i did both adding an extra strand of thread so that it was 3 ply, and the second thing, Ive started railroading. I like it. I shall continue railroading, though I'll stop the three layers of thread thing on 18 count. Anyways, here's the WIP for the last few days, I havent been working on it as much as I'd have liked, I think my eyes are still adjusting and getting used to all the intricate work, I spent a few days with squinted up watery eyes. Right, here's the pic and less ranting:

And a little extra note for our community, let's aim to get together once or twice a week, maybe more, Im up for suggestions on when and where and possible more often than that, if other people want more bitch n stitch time, then yay. We shall discuss our weekly plans and when and where things are to happen. Today it's a bitch and stitch between myself, Manna, Shosh, and Leah, hosted at Manna's house. Yaay for Manna *hugs everyone*
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